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Mickey7 (2022, Rebellion)

English language

Published April 8, 2022 by Rebellion.


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3 stars (2 reviews)

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Interesting concept

3 stars

The idea of a “ship of Theseus” disposable human is engaging, but the book doesn’t do it justice. It’s a short read, not without its entertaining moments, but I don’t think I’ll be curious enough to read what’s bound to come next.

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3 stars

If someone is completely disassembled, and then perfectly reassembled with all (or most) of the same memories, are they the same person?

Mickey7 isn't the first book to try these sorts of questions, but it does handle them in an entertaining and very accesible manner. I would have liked a bit more depth but for what it is, this book is an enjoyable thriller with several nods to some interesting concepts.