The Chrysalids (Unicorn)

spiral-bound, 200 pages

Published Dec. 21, 1964 by Nelson Thornes Ltd.

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4 stars (1 review)

This book is about a post apocalyptic world returned back to the times of the horse and carriage seen through the eyes of a young boy. Deviations are punished or destroyed and what few books remained govern the way people think about change and the differences from the norm. The twists and turns in this rather short book as bought me back to it many times over the years, which is very unusual for me. It would make a great Spielberg movie with the authors descriptions of the scarred landscape and the characters being fantastic. you could really picture the trials and tribulations of these people. When the young boy David finds his closest friend has a sixth toe on each foot and is asked to keep it a secret from his god fearing tyrant of a father, he comes to question his own secrets and what would happen to …

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Classic post-apocalyptic novel.

4 stars

John Wyndham writes of a world where the only knowledge of the world past is from books, but those books are the Bible. This creates an interesting and strange world where religiosity is prominent everywhere from Government to how farming is done. It is a pleasant and interesting read and makes you wonder what the world would be like if we were this religious (esp. in Government).


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