Ausweitung der Kampfzone.

Paperback, 169 pages

German language

Published May 1, 2000 by Rowohlt Tb..

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"Ever found yourself all at sea at work? Suffered from information overload?" "If you have, Houellebecq's grim, funny and clever tongue-in-cheek exploration of corporate jargon, psychobabble and the ineffectual use of long words is for you." "Just thirty, with a well-paid job and no love-life, our narrator smokes 4 packs of cigarettes a day and writes weird animal stories - cows and all - in his spare time. He's tolerably content in his boredom - until he's packed off with the unimaginably ugly Raphael Tisserand to train provincial civil servants in the use of a new computer system."--BOOK JACKET

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