Les aventures de Caleb Williams; ou, Les choses comme elles sont. Trad. de l'Anglais sur l'édition dernièrement publ. par l'auteur, avec des changemens et corrections.

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Published Dec. 30, 1813 by Agasse.

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The Adventures of Caleb Williams, or Things as They Are (1794) by William Godwin is a three-volume novel written as a call to end the abuse of power by what Godwin saw as a tyrannical government. Intended as a popularization of the ideas presented in his 1793 treatise Political Justice Godwin uses Caleb Williams to show how legal and other institutions can and do destroy individuals, even when the people the justice system touches are innocent of any crime. This reality, in Godwin's mind was therefore a description of "things as they are."The novel describes the downfall of Ferdinando Falkland, a British squire, and his attempts to ruin and destroy the life of Caleb Williams, a poor but ambitious young man that Falkland hires as his personal secretary. Caleb accidentally discovers a terrible secret in his master's past. Though Caleb promises to be bound to silence, Falkland, irrationally attached (in …

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  • Anarchism; writers of international importance; William Godwin and his circle; Godwin (author)
  • Anarchisme; auteurs van internationale betekenis; William Godwin en zijn kring; werken van Godwin