Paperback, 198 pages

English language

Published June 16, 1984 by Autonomedia.

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The title of this book refers to the bolo, or an autonomous community corresponding to the anthropological unit of a tribe (a few hundred individuals). This would be the basic social unit in an envisioned utopian-ecological future; its name is an example of a word from the fictional auxiliary language (or rather, a basic vocabulary of about thirty words) called asa'pili. bolobolo is a book about an anarchist utopia, the name of the utopia itself and the plural of that utopia's organizational unit - the bolo. ... Bolobolo is also a plan for a transformation from our current state, the planetary work-machine, to another social organization mode based on local organization and a microclimate of cultures that form the unit of social cohesion.

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  • Utopias.
  • Social systems.
  • Social problems.