Saevus Corax Gets Away with Murder

, #3

English language

Published Dec. 11, 2023 by Orbit.

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From one of the most original voices in fantasy comes a heart-warming tale of peace, love, and battlefield salvage.

If you’re going to get ahead in the battlefield salvage business, you have to regard death as a means to an end. In other words, when the blood flows, so will the cash. Unfortunately, even though war is on the way, Saevus Corax has had enough.

There are two things he has to do before he can enjoy his retirement: get away with one last score, and get away with murder. For someone who, ironically, tends to make a mess wherever he goes, leaving his affairs in order is going to be Saevus Corax’s biggest challenge yet. For more from K. J. Parker, check out:

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