Roger Crenshaw: The Wolves of the West

eBook, 59 pages

English language

Published Jan. 14, 2022

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Wild beasts and wilder men roam the deserts of Arizona, and folklorist Roger Crenshaw runs afoul of both when a band of desperados hold up his train the night of a full moon. The Arizona Dogs know what they want from the so-called werewolf expert, but only Roger knows how to give it to them.

Second in a series of turn of the century monster themed erotica, following the adventures of Roger Crenshaw--folklorist, trans man, and lover of the unknown in the most literal sense. These stories contain explicit sexual content and are intended for adult audiences only. They do not need to be read in any order.

Features rough play, group sex, light bondage, wolf anatomy, and knotting.

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