Self-Sufficiency Garden

Feed Your Family and Save Money

English language

Published 2024 by Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Incorporated.

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Eat homegrown food all year round and save money on your weekly shop by following a simple plan for self-sufficiency.

Huw Richards and Sam Cooper have spent the past two years planning and trialing their self-sufficiency garden in a 10x13m plot, and now they’ve worked out the perfect formula. Grow six portions of nutritious veg a day per person following their month-by-month growing plan, which is realistic and flexible with cost, space, and time in mind. Follow this carefully curated year-round growing plan to yield six portions of veg per person per day, plus batching and preserving recipes!

Whether you are looking for cost-effective ways to put food on the table and feed your family, a fan of Huw’s YouTube videos and would like to try out the recipes for yourself or a gardener who would like some guidance on how to grow your own food, this book will be …

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