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SF & Fantasy books that bring you a warm feeling b/c the people in it are mostly nice to each other. Becky Chambers-core, if you will

  1. A Psalm for the Wild-Built by 

    5 stars

    It’s been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and laid down their tools; centuries since they wandered, en …

  2. A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by 

    5 stars

    After touring the rural areas of Panga, Sibling Dex (a Tea Monk of some renown) and Mosscap (a robot sent …

  3. A Closed and Common Orbit by 

    5 stars

    Once, Lovelace had eyes and ears everywhere. She was a ship's artificial intelligence system - possessing a personality and very …

  4. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by 

    4 stars

    The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet is the 2014 debut science fiction novel by Becky Chambers, set in …

  5. Record of a Spaceborn Few by 

    3 stars

    Centuries after the last humans left Earth, the Exodus Fleet is a living relic, a place many are from but …

  6. The Galaxy, and the Ground Within by 

    5 stars

    With no water, no air, and no native life, the planet Gora is unremarkable. The only thing it has going …

  7. To be taught, if fortunate by 

    5 stars

    To Be Taught, if Fortunate is a 2019 science fiction novella by Becky Chambers.

  8. Paladin's Grace by 

    4 stars

    Stephen's god died on the longest day of the year…

    Three years later, Stephen is a broken paladin, living only …

  9. Paladin's Strength by 

    4 stars

    He’s a paladin of a dead god, tracking a supernatural killer across a continent. She’s a nun from a secretive …

  10. Paladin's Hope by 

    4 stars

    Piper is a lich-doctor, a physician who works among the dead, determining causes of death for the city guard's investigations. …

  11. The Goblin Emperor by 

    4 stars

    Maia, the youngest, half-goblin son of the Emperor has lived his entire life in exile, distant from the Imperial Court …

  12. The Witness for the Dead by 

    4 stars

    A standalone novel in the fantastic world of Katherine Addison's award-winning The Goblin Emperor.

    When young half-goblin emperor Maia sought …

  13. The Grief of Stones by 

    4 stars

    In The Grief of Stones, Katherine Addison returns to the world of The Goblin Emperor with a direct sequel …

  14. Bannerless by 

    4 stars

    "A mysterious murder in a dystopian future leads a novice investigator to question what she's learned about the foundation of …

  15. The wild dead by 

    4 stars

    "A Mariner Original Mysteries and murder abound in the sequel to Carrie Vaughn's post-apocalyptic mystery Bannerless. A century after environmental …

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