Susanna Clarke: Piranesi (2020, Bloomsbury Publishing) 5 stars

From the New York Times bestselling author of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, an …

Supremely evocative and furiously mindbending. Pretty much flawless.

5 stars

I picked this book because of its Hugo Award nomination. I had read 4 of the 6 nominations (or at least started 3 and finished 2 and passed on a fourth), so I wanted to read more.

If the name Piranesi evokes to you labyrinths, stairs, halls, chambers, statues, you're in luck. The whole book is filled to the brim with these. It's also filled with a man called Piranesi, who lives in these halls. Who wanders in them, content of being the only person in this world—or I should say, the 15th, but 13 of them are dead, and the Other is, well… a friend, for lack of a better word?

Susanna Clarke has written the most surprising book I've read in the last year, at least. The ending left me wanting more, but I hope there won't be, it would just dilute the purity of the House, and the Mercies of its Statues.