Margaret Killjoy: A Country of Ghosts (Paperback, 2021, AK Press) 5 stars

Dimos Horacki is a Borolian journalist and a cynical patriot, his muckraking days behind him. …

A short and necessary utopia, for anarchists

5 stars

Born in an empire modelled after a 19th century European power, a journalist is embedded with colonizing troops. Instead of covering a campaign of subjugation of unorganized villages, he discovers an anarchist confederation of people and communities, and joins up their fight agains the invader.

Killjoy's utopia is of course not a blueprint, but a demonstration that it is possible to imagine how an anarchist society could work. Imagining utopias, showing anarchism in practice, is important. Kim Stanley Robinson (who provides a praise on the backcover) has written many times about how dystopias are all well and fine, but utopias are more relevant to our time of crises. How to act for a better world, if you've never encountered ideas of better worlds in media and litterature?

It's a short read, and you won't regret it.