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Reading for fun, threads over the years of scifi, history, social movements and justice, farming, philosophy. I actively work to balance out the white male default in what I read, but have a long way to go.

He/they for the praxis.

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The Terraformers (Hardcover, 2023, Tor Books) 4 stars

From science fiction visionary Annalee Newitz comes The Terraformers, a sweeping, uplifting, and illuminating exploration …

Content warning tangent dragging the audiobook too

The Terraformers (Hardcover, 2023, Tor Books) 4 stars

From science fiction visionary Annalee Newitz comes The Terraformers, a sweeping, uplifting, and illuminating exploration …

the more things change, it seems they don't

2 stars

Plenty to like here in environmental, more-than-human kin, queer and anti-capitalist themes in a fairly comic presentation. And yet it's really off as a paced story, as characters jut in or out or beep past, or as a deeply considered world or future confronting injustice, and the incoherence just built for me as emotions rose towards the end.

The  Book (1966, Pantheon Books) 3 stars


enjoyable philosophy

3 stars

A well-worked short study (with a dated feel) in ego-dissolution and recognizing our individualistic society's contradicting double-binds in defining progress, freedom, and love. Better to dance as one with the universe, but watch out for all the ways attempting to do so reinstates your sense of self...

How to Stand up to a Dictator (2022, HarperCollins Publishers) 4 stars

social media's role in enabling authoritarianism, from a lovely human

4 stars

Journalist memoir, revealing and honest and Phillipines-focused to frame global problems. The middle section is the strongest, in angrily recounting how Facebook actively sided with power rather than pro-social possibilities in 2011-2018. Hope for reclaiming shared bottom-up truth over loud loyalty of media to power is always ... possible.

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The Glass Palace (2002) 5 stars

The Glass Palace is a 2000 historical novel by Indian writer Amitav Ghosh. The novel …

Will sit with me for a long time

5 stars

I have been on a search for books on Myanmar, especially those written by people of heritage there too. At the end of the book, the bio mentions in a quick sentence that he was born in India to Burmese parents, but I cannot find anywhere online if this is in reference to ethnicity or nationality. It is from stories of his family that send him on a five year research journey for this book. One must be careful to consider what is fact, what is fiction, and what we can only surmise because what has been lost.

At some points of the book, things felt way too drawn out, at others, it felt too short. But as someone who has not read a true storyteller's story in a long time, I began to find much joy and excitement from reading this book. If I had followed my plans, I …

Staying with the Trouble (2016, Duke University Press) 4 stars

In the midst of spiraling ecological devastation, multispecies feminist theorist Donna J. Haraway offers provocative …


4 stars

What a joyful blending and interweaving of feminist, more-than-human, art-science-speculation, and anger at capitalism's depletion of our capacity to think in relational terms.

"The anthropocene is more of a boundary event than an epoch ... what comes after will not be like what came before. I think our job is to make the Anthropocene as short/thin as possible and to cultivate with each other in every way imaginable epochs to come that can replenish refuge."

Trust Kids! (2022, AK Press Distribution) 4 stars

Trust Kids! weaves together essays, interviews, poems, and artwork from scholars, activists, and artists about …

"peace and justice are intergenerational projects"

4 stars

If we want a world without domination, how do we rethink our relations with kids? Collection of connected authors of all ages recollections and motivations in unschooling, alternative schooling, and living as and with kids as trusted peers.