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Reading for fun, threads over the years of scifi, history, social movements and justice, farming, philosophy. I actively work to balance out the white male default in what I read, but have a long way to go.

He/they for the praxis.

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We Do This 'Til We Free Us (2021, Haymarket Books) 5 stars

A reflection on prison industrial complex abolition and a vision for collective liberation from organizer …

a decade of essays and interviews

5 stars

Transformative justice, repairing relationships, redesigning society systemically, accountability for harms. Prisons had to be imagined; prisons were a reform, and like other reforms that leave in place the system of punitive surveillance, control, and violence they don't promote justice for so many harms, while harming more. We can imagine so many alternatives. We don't believe the world will change if we can just change enough minds to e.g. believe that black lives matter; we will define and practice and live a vision for a world where black lives matter.

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Vectors and Smoothable Curves (Paperback, 1996, Talisman House Publishers) 4 stars

here for the first half

4 stars

Reality is indefinitely separate from our actual experience, our senses of progress and our identities. The short "The New World" essays are stunning philosophical reflections, the bulk is summary commentary on Thoreau, Whitman, and Melville as they conceive of human society which was more dependent on my taste for those voices but still smart.