Out of the Ruins

The apocalyptic anthology

eBook, 320 pages

English language

Published by Titan Books.

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3 stars (1 review)


In the moments when it all comes crashing down, what will we value the most, and how will we save it? Digging through the layers of ruined cities beneath your feet, living in the bombed-out husk of a city, hiding from the monsters on the other side of the wall, can we turn the cataclysm into an opportunity?

Featuring new and exclusive stories, as well as classics of the genre, Grassmann takes us through the fall and beyond, to the things that are created after. Calling on the finest traditions of post-apocalyptic fiction, this anthology asks us what makes us human, and who we will be when we emerge out of the ruins?

Featuring work from China Miéville, Emily St John Mandel, Clive Barker, Carmen Maria Machado, Charlie Jane Anders, Samuel R. Delaney, Ramsey Campbell, Lavie Tidhar, Kaaron Warrern, Anna Tambour, Nina Allan, …

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Review of 'Out of the Ruins' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

For the most part, the stories didn’t capture much of my attention, were confusing or were forgettable. However, there were a few that I did enjoy (as listed below.) Rather than reading through the whole collection, I’d recommend those.

- The Rise and Fall of Whistle-Pig City by Paul Di Fillipo
- Mr Thursday by Emily St. John Mandel
- As Good As New by Charlie Jane Anders
- Malware Park by Nikhil Singh
- Maeda: The Body Optic by Rumi Kaneko
- Reminded by Ramsey Campbell

Most memorable