A long trek home

4000 miles by boot, raft, and ski

English language

Published Nov. 4, 2009 by Mountaineers Books.

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4 stars (1 review)

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Environmental adventure that calms the soul

4 stars

A beautiful travelogue that manages to convey some of the challenges and insights of a year-long wilderness trek without ever over-digressing into hiker obsessions with food, gear, and miles. The environment gets center stage, perhaps leaving some curiosity about the inner lives of the adventurers, but at least one big change is gradually revealed.

Also notable for the absence of cellphones, which now gives a new depth to the peace and simplicity the couple experiences.


  • McKittrick, Erin -- Travel
  • Hiking -- Northwest Coast of North America
  • Rafting (Sports) -- Northwest Coast of North America
  • Skiing -- Northwest Coast of North America
  • Northwest Coast of North America -- Description and travel