Hunter of worlds

214 pages

English language

Published Sept. 27, 1977 by N. Doubleday.

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It's too short!

No rating

Not often I say this, but this book needed to be longer.

First up, it's age doesn't hurt it at all. The tech involved is mostly incidental to the plot, and pretty hand wavy. Sure data storage seems to on tape, but that's only mentioned the once, and maybe it was just a rough translation :-).
The rest of it just works.

The book is chock full of interesting characters, with a backdrop that has tons of interest. And that's the problem... There just isn't enough time spent to realize all that potential. I found it to get pretty jumpy, especially in the last third or so I really wanted to know everything that was going on and why, but got only glimpses. It's a three, but could have easily been more with another hundred pages or so.