Leave it to Psmith

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P. G. Wodehouse: Leave it to Psmith (2012, W.W. Norton & Co.)

English language

Published Nov. 8, 2012 by W.W. Norton & Co..

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5 stars (1 review)

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An everlasting classic of wit, comrade!

5 stars

I went on a Wodehouse binge long ago in high school. Read everything of his that they had on the shelves. Having finished and enjoyed it all, I moved on to the next author who caught my attention...I think it was Leonard Wibberly.

40 years passed.

And then I decided to read Wodehouse again. For some reason one title in particular had stuck in my head: Leave It to Psmith.

It's incredibly witty. I laughed out loud on page after page. And Psmith's unique means of expressing himself is unforgettable. I found myself talking like Psmith for days after I read that book. It won't be anywhere near 40 years before I read it again, you can count on that!


  • Blandings Castle (England : Imaginary place)
  • Nobility
  • Fiction


  • Shropshire (England)