A Kiss Before Dying


English language

Published April 1, 2000 by Carroll & Graf Pub, Brand: Carroll n Graf Pub.

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4 stars (1 review)

A Kiss Before Dying is the story of young man who has just come out of the horror of World War II and is loath to return to the quieter horror of the manufacturing town he grew up in. These two backgrounds have made him what he is: a young man on the make possessing a complete immorality in the ways he makes it. When he meets Dorothy Kingship, who loves him deeply and whose father just happens to be the copper king of America, he has it made. But so devious is his brilliant mind and so strange is fate that it is only with her murder that he is able to reach the pinnacle in Kingship Copper. From the first page, this novel has the kind of emotional pull that good storytellers have always evoked, You will not be able to abandon this ruthless young man. You will …

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