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Some SF, fantasy, and obscure LGBT, mixed with travel, photography theory and women authors, in French and English.

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reviewed The Tainted Cup by Robert Jackson Bennett (Shadow of the Leviathan, #1)

Robert Jackson Bennett: The Tainted Cup (2024, Random House Worlds) 4 stars

An eccentric detective and her long-suffering assistant untangle a web of magic, deceit, and murder …

Very enjoyable fantasy-mystery

5 stars

I enjoyed a lot this classic and convoluted mystery, set in a magical empire that has enough weirdness to grab you from the start. Many authors try a bit too hard to be light or funny, it feels effortless here. All in all, a very enjoyable book.

Sorj Chalandon: La légende de nos pères (French language, 2009, Grasset, GRASSET) 4 stars

J'ai laissé partir mon père sans écouter ce qu'il avait à me dire, le combattant …

Un roman qui se lit d'une traite

4 stars

Un roman court et sinueux où l'auteur convoque à nouveau son père, la vérité, celle que l'on se dit, celle que l'on raconte et l'écriture. J'ai eu envie de me replonger dans ses romans après avoir écouté cette émission de France Culture : Il y parle, comme dans ce roman, de trouver le mot adéquat, le mot juste, et c'est passionnant.

Sofia Samatar: A Stranger in Olondria (EBook, 2013, Small Beer Press) 4 stars

Jevick, the pepper merchant's son, has been raised on stories of Olondria, a distant land …

A wonderful novel

5 stars

This is an ode to books, the power and poetry of words and stories, and it's gorgeously written, without pretention, in a way that takes the reader seriously and transports them instantly into the maze of the author's imagination. The world created isn't a typical western-middle-age fantasy world, it's strongly influenced by south asia, and north and east africa. If you're longing for something poetic and vivid, it's a rewarding read.

reviewed The Warden by Daniel M. Ford (The Warden, #1)

Daniel M. Ford: The Warden (2023, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 3 stars

There was a plan.

She had the money, the connections, even the brains. It was …

A fun light read

4 stars

It feels like the author took his dream RPG and wrote it as a novel. There's magic, and of course, dwarfs and half-elves, wizards who need to sleep to recuperate all their capabilities, small side-quests leading to the big one, an engaging heroin and queer flavours added here and there. All in all, not revolutionary, but entertaining.

Céline Minard: Le dernier monde (French language, 2009) 4 stars

Cosmonaute, Jaume Roiq Stevens accomplit diverses missions dans une station spatiale en orbite autour de …

Un roman inclassable

4 stars

Un roman en forme de WTF frénétique, improbable, brillant, traversé d'un humour subtil, sans doute moins accessible que les autres romans de l'autrice.

Alex White: A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe (Paperback, 2018, Orbit) 3 stars

Furious and fun, the first book in this bold, new science fiction adventure series follows …

A weird mix of space opera and magic

3 stars

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the mix of classic space opera and magic was weird. There were fun moments, some action and a few relatable characters, but the worldbuilding was lacking (when you can't say for sure if a place is a planet or a city at the end of a book, maybe something is missing). Some characters were flat, and it also felt like there were discrepancies, notably with the vilain(s), their goal and motivation.