Heart of Darkness


English language

Published Dec. 7, 2014 by Standard Ebooks.

4 stars (1 review)

Originally published serially as a three-part story, Heart of Darkness is a short but thematically complex novel exploring colonialism, humanity, and what constitutes a savage society. Set in the Congo in Central Africa, the tale is told in the frame of the recollections of one Charles Marlow, a captain of an ivory steamer. Marlow’s search for the mysterious and powerful “first-class agent” Kurtz gives way to a nuanced and powerful commentary on the horrors of colonialism, called by some the most analyzed work at university-level instruction.

1 edition

Not a review …

4 stars

… because reviewing Heart of Darkness, would be preposterous – classics be classics for a reason. Two observations:

  1. Heart of Darkness has aged very well; better than most late Victorian literature, I’d venture to say. If all you remember of Conrad is some Eng Lit course dross, give him a second chance.
  2. If context is your thing, read King Leopold’s Ghost before (re)reading this. Knowing about the Congo Conrad was inspired by gives his story another depth entirely.