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Created and curated by Tsundoku

Making a (non-exhaustive) list of comics, graphic novels, or manga I think are absolutely worth the read. If I was better at consistently-rating things, I'd say these are at least 4 star reads.

I may not put every volume of a series on this list, but generally I recommend reading all of it.

  1. Tsundoku says:

    A series of vignette comics. My favorite was the first about a trans man navigating gender affirming care in Japan.

  2. Slip by ,

    No rating

    Right before Jade is about to leave for a summer art intensive, her best friend, Phoebe, attempts suicide. How is …

    Tsundoku says:

    I really like how this comic uses color. Also if the description wasn't clear, there is suicidal attempts and ideation in this book that's close to the narrative, so take care reading it.

  3. Always Human by 

    5 stars

    First serialized on the popular app and website WebToon, Always Human ran from 2015-2017 and amassed over 76,000 unique subscribers …

    Tsundoku says:

    A really interesting WLW SF take that's disability-conscious. My main regret was I wanted it to be longer

  4. Tsundoku says:

    Another Hades / Persephone retelling. Very wholesome. This is NSFW if that is a problem.

  5. Nubia: Real One by ,

    5 stars

    "Nubia has always been a little bit...different. As a baby she showcased Amazonian-like strength by pushing over a tree to …

    Tsundoku says:

    This is an extremely heavy book (as it deals with racism and the inherently-political nature of black bodies in our world) but it's absolutely worth reading. If it helps I had next to no knowledge of the DC comics universe aside from cartoons in the 90s and 00s, but that wasn't a problem

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