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  1. Obsidian and Blood by 

    No rating

    A massive fantasy omnibus containing all three novels in the Obsidian and Blood

    SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD Year One-Knife, Tenochtitlan …

  2. The Tea Master and the Detective by 

    3 stars

    Welcome to the Scattered Pearls Belt, a collection of ring habitats and orbitals ruled by exiled human scholars and powerful …

  3. Rosewater by 

    4 stars

    Rosewater is a town on the edge. A community formed around the edges of a mysterious alien biodome, its residents …

  4. The Rosewater Insurrection by 

    3 stars

    All is quiet in the city of Rosewater as it expands on the back of the gargantuan alien Wormwood. Those …

  5. To Hold Up the Sky by 

    No rating

    Collection of imaginative science fiction.

    Stories included are:

    • The Village Teacher
    • The Time Migration
    • 2018-04-01
    • Fire In The Earth
    • Contraction …
  6. The Dark Forest by 

    5 stars

    "With the scope of Dune and the rousing action of Independence Day, this near-future trilogy is the first chance for …

  7. These Violent Delights by 

    No rating

    The brilliantly imaginative New York Times bestselling fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliet set against the immersive backdrop of 1920s …

  8. Gods of Jade and Shadow by 

    5 stars

    The Jazz Age is in full swing, but Casiopea Tun is too busy cleaning the floors of her wealthy grandfather’s …

  9. Haunting of Tram Car 015 by 

    4 stars

    Cairo, 1912: The case started as a simple one for the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments and Supernatural Entities — handling …

  10. This Is How You Lose the Time War by ,

    4 stars

    Two time-traveling agents from warring futures, working their way through the past, begin to exchange letters—and fall in love in …

  11. The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water by 

    4 stars

    A bandit walks into a coffeehouse, and it all goes downhill from there. Guet Imm, a young votary of the …

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