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Eph (they, them)

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Philosophy, evolutionary psychology, futurism, anarchism. We analyze literature through the lens of evolutionary psychology. Sometimes we use we for I. they/them

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Three-Body Problem (2021, Head of Zeus, Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra Book) 4 stars

Cixin Liu's trilogy-opening novel about first contact with aliens and the clandestine struggle with them …

Review of 'Three-Body Problem' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Content warning Discusses elements of the plot

There is a well-known saying that the whole of Western Philosophy is footnotes of Plato. …

Review of 'The Republic' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

It is amazing the insight ancient philosophers had, especially Plato. While some of his work is not "woke," if you can forgive him for being a product of his times, you can find truth and wisdom that is perennial.

Evolutionary Psychology : The New Science of the Mind (2011, Pearson Education, Limited) 5 stars

Chapter on Human Survival Problems

5 stars

Content warning Discusses thoughts about the 1st paragraph of the section.

Foundation (2004, Bantam Books) 4 stars

One of the great masterworks of science fiction, the Foundation novels of Isaac Asimov are …

How mankind can never get it right

5 stars

Content warning Plots and themes revealed broadly

Brave New World (Paperback, 1998, HarperPerennial) 4 stars

Aldous Huxley's profoundly important classic of world literature, Brave New World is a searching vision …

Class and capitalism destroy what should be good

5 stars

What we remember most is how disappointed we were that the story spun all the wonderful potential benefits of science into a dystopia where class and capitalism prevailed. The book disturbingly portrays how a society with admiral goals can go wrong with rigid and fanatical application. Society, it is to flourish, it needs to be open and alive.