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Some SF, fantasy, and obscure LGBT, mixed with travel, photography theory and women authors, in French and English.

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J. S. Dewes: The Last Watch (Paperback, 2021, Tor Books) 4 stars

The Divide.

It’s the edge of the universe.

Now it’s collapsing—and taking everyone and everything …

Not a bad space opera, but...

4 stars

There are a few interesting elements in this classic premise of "a bunch of different people are stuck at the edge of the universe and must save it", and while the worldbuilding and powers at play aren't bad at all, there's just something missing. It isn't badly written either (although writers need to ban the words groaning/grunting forever), but again, it isn't very special. Not sure I'll dig in the second volume.

reviewed Paname Underground by Johann Zarca

Johann Zarca: Paname Underground (Paperback, Français language, Goutte d'Or) 3 stars

Où s’arrête le réel, où commence la fiction ? Zarca raconte les coulisses du guide …

Virée underground qui reste en surface

3 stars

Je voulais lire un livre qui parle de Paris mais pas de St Germain des Prés et effectivement... Il y a le côté authentique de l'auteur, son maniement de l'argot et le goût de l'expérience vécue. Mais le trash fait aussi un peu épate-bourgeois.

Alix E. Harrow: Starling House (Hardcover, 2023, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom, Tor Books) 5 stars

A grim and gothic new tale from author Alix E. Harrow about a small town …

Haunted house in a haunted town

5 stars

Another little gem of a book that brilliantly plays with the tropes of the haunted house, a small town with too many sins and secrets and the power of stories and dreams. Gothic and lovely at the same time.

Rachid Laïrèche: Il n'y a que moi que ça choque ? (Paperback, Français language, Les Arènes) 4 stars

Dans les rédactions, les journalistes politiques forment une communauté à part qui se retrouve tous …

Le journalisme politique vu de l'intérieur

4 stars

Une collection de moments, d'anecdotes et de réflexions personnelles tirée des 8 ans de journalisme politique de l'auteur. S'il n'y a rien de vraiment "croustillant" sur les politiques, l'auteur offre un point de vue intéressant sur ce monde en vase clos, chacun se renvoyant l'ascenseur ou se faisant des petites crasses, loin du quotidien des gens. Ce n'est pas un scoop, et probablement rien ne va changer après ce livre, mais c'est déjà un petit coup de pied dans la fourmilière.

Arkady Martine: Rose/House (EBook, Subterranean Press) 4 stars

Basit Deniau’s houses were haunted to begin with.

A house embedded with an artificial intelligence …

A haunting novella

4 stars

It starts like a whodunnit and wanders off to (almost) horror, revisiting the genre of the haunted place. An entertaining read.

Raja Shehadeh: Palestinian Walks (Paperback, 2008, Scribner) 5 stars

“A rare historical insight into the tragic changes taking place in Palestine.” —Jimmy Carter

From …

A poignant love letter to a land

5 stars

As heartbreaking and enraging as it is beautifully written, it is a must-read to understand the profound changes in the West Bank and occupied territories over the years. It had been on a sort of books-to-check-out list for years, I almost regret that I didn't read it sooner...