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Published June 22, 2017 by L'Atalante.

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Lovelace, intelligence artificielle née à bord du Voyageur à la fin de L’Espace d’un an, accepte de se transférer à bord d’un corps synthétique. Devenir humaine, une chance ? Pas pour elle : les limitations de la chair l’étouffent. Champ de vision ridiculement restreint, pas d’accès au réseau, réactions physiologiques incontrôlables... À ses côtés, Poivre, mécano, l’aide de son mieux. Ancienne enfant esclave libérée par miracle, grandie seule sur une planète ravagée, elle aussi a dû lutter pour accéder pleinement à l’humanité et se construire une vie, sinon ordinaire, du moins normale. Libration – nom d’un point de l’espace en équilibre entre deux astres, zone de stabilité mouvante qui accompagne les planètes dans leur danse – raconte l’histoire de ces deux femmes. Chacune à sa façon s’arrache à une vie liminale pour se tailler une identité, conquérir l’indispensable : la dignité. On ne croise pas ici les autres personnages de …

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Libration de Becky Chambers

5 stars

Le tome 2 des Voyageurs. Du coup je m’attendais à retrouver l'équipage du tome 1. Pas du tout ! Par contre l'histoire est centrée sur des personnages déjà présent dans le tome 1. L'histoire est la quête d'identité et de sens de deux personnes, l'une humaine et l'autre IA. Comme le premier tome c'est bien écrit, et on attend qu'une chose : lire le tome 3 !

feel good but real scifi too

4 stars

i enjoyed A Closed and Common Orbit even more than the prequel one. (which has not enough story to keep up--for my taste at least) i think of it as a kind of double bildungsroman, with two developing characters between which the novel is split.

Chambers connects her scifi(-world) convincingly and smoothly with the problems most of us are facing and can relate to. it's how scifi should comment the present. and although the focus is always on the personalities, there are also a lot of social themes and thoughts.

a lot of readers mention the caring characters throughout the story, which make it so satisfactional to follow. I can support that! but it would be sad to think, it's just another form of escapism, a tweak to the genre. this is a shortcoming of understanding the themes Chambers is working on.

the real impact makes Chambers skill in building …

made me cry more than once

5 stars

I absolutely adored this book. I realise that part of this is that it was a perfect little escape while I was stuck at home with covid, but I do also think it's really wonderful.

It has some similar strengths to the first in the series, in that it's mostly about the relationships between a few outcast characters that become a chosen family and just happen to be in space. But if anything I think it's better written (I guess Chambers getting into her stride with book 2), and benefits from being a more focussed story of a smaller number of characters. And has some weightier things to say about embodiment, the tension between fitting in and freedom, and loyalty & reciprocity.

I am excited about the rest of the series.

Another Optimistic Read

5 stars

"A Closed And Common Orbit" by Becky Chambers is set in the same universe as "The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet" but follows side characters from the first book.

It took me a while to adjust to the new cast (I was still in love with the old cast!) but once I took a little break and came back to it with a fresh pallet, I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked how much the characters tried to look after each other.

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